All Male Fiction: Alex’s Game (Part 2)

Mr. Hargreaves finds himself unable to resist as his eighteen-year-old trouble making student, Alex, takes his sexually-charged boy’s room game to the next level.

All Male Fiction: Alex’s Game (Part 2)

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All Male True Experience: Strokin’ in the Boy’s Room

Feeling the need to get off, a man enters a men’s room stall to take care of things, and soon finds himself engaging in some mutual masturbation when his personal activity captures the attention and interest of a business man who enters the washroom.

All Male True Experience: Strokin’ in the Boy’s Room

All Male Fiction: Selling My Soul

Scott is attending a Halloween party at a gay bar and has just spotted Adam, the man he has loved from afar for a long time. Dressed in football gear, Adam is looking even sexier than usual, causing Scott to quietly utter that he’d sell his soul just for the chance to be with him. His statement is overheard by a man dressed as the Devil, who quickly proves to Scott that he is not just wearing a costume and that he can make Scott’s wish come true… all Scott has to do is make good on his offer to sell his soul and the man of his dreams will be his!

All Male Fiction: Selling My Soul

All Male Fiction: Taking Possession

In this ghost story with an erotic twist, young Beau Hennessy inherits a house from a man named Clifton Mortimer, a man he never knew, but who did know his granduncle, who was also named Beau Hennessy. After an unsettling night in the old house, the next day Beau visits his grandmother who reveals more details about Clifton Mortimer’s life and death, and why he left Beau his house. That night the spirit of Clifton returns and, with the knowledge that Beau now possesses, it is now quite apparent as to why Clifton Mortimer’s ghost has remained in the old house for over fifty years, and just exactly what it is he needs from this Beau Hennessy so that he can finally move on.

All Male Fiction: Taking Possession

Bisexual Fiction: Driven by Desire (Part 2)

Willing to do anything just for the chance to get to suck his straight co-worker’s cock again, and driven by his desire to do so, Ryan, a gay man, has accepted Rob’s proposition of a threesome with him and his girlfriend, where he will not only have to suck Rob’s cock in front of her, but fuck Rob’s girlfriend, too!

Bisexual Fiction: Driven by Desire (Part 2)

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